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High school students across the country and around the world take AP (Advanced Placement) courses and exams to challenge themselves, 发掘他们的兴趣, 并获得大学学分和实习机会. AP可以给你一个 高中领先,大学领先. Get a taste of college-level work while developing the academic skills you’ll need for college success. 你甚至可以发现自己的职业道路. Your AP Exam scores can earn you college credit before you set foot on campus—and let you skip introductory college courses.

AP课程记录在你的高中成绩单上. College credit is given only to students who pass the AP Exam at the end of their AP course. 在AP课程的前两周内, 你将和你的导师报名参加AP考试. 每次检查的费用是95美元.00英镑,不可退款. Colleges and universities set their own guidelines as to how college credit is given for AP Exams. 在CCS注册AP课程的学生将被收取75美元.每堂AP课收费00.

双学分课程通过俄克拉何马卫斯理大学完成.  CCS提供的双学分课程是AP英语和compp, AP英语文学与比较, AP化学, 美联社物理, 和世界观的历史.  如果学生注册了这些课程中的任何一门, they may opt to take the course for dual credit - high school credit as well as college credit at the same time.  An additional fee - of $225 is required to participate in the dual credit course.  To receive college credit, a student must complete the course successfully.  双学分学费- $225将于1月份缴交.  

双学分- 11 AP英语和比较将是大一作文1, AP英语文学和比较第12课是新生作文2, 历史 of World Views will be a humanities course or history course depending on the university they attend; 美联社物理 will be General Physics 1, AP化学是普通化学1.  

AP vs双学分.  AP和Dual都是同一类, but to receive college credit a student will need to either take the AP exam at the end of the year, 或在OKWU注册双学分课程.  College credit will be given for the dual credit class once the course has been completed.  A student will either take the AP exam and possibly earn college credit depending on the test score or enroll in the dual credit class, 顺利完成课程并获得大学学分.  


AP英语12: AP英语文学与比较 必须完成11年级的英语
描述:AP英语文学与写作课程侧重于阅读, 分析, 写想象文学(小说), 诗歌, 不同时期的戏剧. 学生 engage in close reading and critical analysis of imaginative literature to deepen their understanding of the ways writers use language to provide both meaning and pleasure. 当他们阅读时, 学生考虑作品的结构, style, 和主题, 以及它对比喻语言的使用, 图像, 和象征. 写作作业包括说明文, 分析, and argumentative essays that require students to analyze and interpret literary work.

描述:The AP English Language and Composition course focuses on the development 和修订 of evidence-based analytic and argumentative writing, 非虚构文本的修辞分析, 以及作者在写作和修改时所做的决定. 学生 evaluate, synthesize, and cite research to support their arguments. 另外, they read and analyze rhetorical elements and their effects in nonfiction texts—including images as forms of text—from a range of disciplines and historical periods.

AP化学: 必须完成荣誉化学和荣誉代数2
描述:The AP化学 course provides a freshman-level college course to ensure that the student is prepared to succeed in college chemistry. This is accomplished by teaching all the topics detailed in the AP化学 Course and Exam Description. The course is organized around the four big ideas and is aligned with the six science practices. Laboratory experiments are conducted to compliment the material being learned. The experiments will include at least 20 labs, of which at least 6 will be inquiry-based labs. Lab time will account for over 25% of the instructional time—some labs are completed in one class period, 但许多实验室要求多期. We meet as a class for seven periods a week—at least two-and-a-half of those periods are devoted to laboratory experiments and other like activities. Emphasis in this class is placed on application of chemical concepts with real-world applications. 九个单元中的每个主题都有深入的介绍, and the students will be assessed after the completion of each topic unit.

美联社物理: 必须完成荣誉化学和微积分预备课程
描述: 美联社物理 1 is an algebra-based, introductory college-level physics course. 学生 cultivate their understanding of physics through inquiry-based investigations as they explore these topics: kinematics, 动力学, 圆周运动和引力, 能源, 动力, 简谐运动, 转矩和旋转运动, 电荷和电磁力, 直流回路, 还有机械波和声音. 美联社物理 1 is a full-year course that is the equivalent of a first- semester introductory college course in algebra-based physics. Prerequisite courses include having completed Algebra III or concurrently taking Algebra III or Calculus. Twenty-five percent of instructional time will be spent in hands-on laboratory work, with an emphasis on inquiry-based investigations that provide students with opportunities to demonstrate the foundational physics principles and apply the science practices. 这包括学生设计实验计划, 作出预测, 收集和分析数据, 应用数学例程, 开发的解释, 交流他们的工作. 学生 will be required to maintain a lab book and notebook with the materials given as some colleges may require students to present their laboratory materials from AP science courses before being granted college credit for laboratory work. Assignments will be given three times a week with an expectation that the students will watch videos assigned for the unit.

美联社微积分: 必须完成微积分预科.
The AP Calculus AB course focuses on students’ understanding of calculus concepts and provide experience with methods and applications. 通过运用微积分的重要思想(例如.g., 建模更改, 近似与极限, 以及功能分析), 每门课程都成为一个有凝聚力的整体, 而不是一堆不相关的话题. Both courses require students to use 定义 和定理 to build arguments and justify conclusions. 这些课程的特点是微积分的多表征方法, 与概念, 结果, 用图形表示问题, 数值, 分析, 和口头. Exploring connections among these representations builds understanding of how calculus applies limits to develop important ideas, 定义, 公式, 和定理. 持续强调方法的明确交流, 推理, 理由, 结论很重要. Teachers and students should regularly use technology to reinforce relationships among functions, 确认书面工作, 进行实验, 并协助解释结果.

美联社艺术: (仅限10 -12年级)必须完成一学期的艺术课.
学生 create a portfolio of work to demonstrate inquiry through art and design and development of materials, 流程, 和想法在一年的过程中. 作品集包括艺术和设计作品, 流程文档, 以及所展示作品的书面信息. 5月, 学生根据具体标准提交作品集进行评估, 包括材料的熟练合成, 流程, 通过实践的想法和持续的调查, 实验, 和修订, 由问题引导. 学生可以选择提交任何或所有AP作品集考试.  提供的课程:AP 2D艺术,AP 3D艺术和AP绘图.